PowerPoint Timer Slides


PowerPoint Timer Slides are decks that automatically count down, advancing without clicking. They’re great for teachers who want students to be able to track progress and manage their time. This kind of structure can be helpful to all students, but especially for those students who have emerging executive function skills and struggle to keep their tasks and time aligned.

I’m sharing three decks here. All of them last 15 minutes, but you can make them longer by duplicating the slides and changing the number that is typed on the slide. The transitions are built in and will carry over when the slide is duplicated. This allows teachers to write in what task the students should have completed at that time.

Slidedeck One

The first slide deck is a more formal looking deck. You will need the Algerian font to make it look like you see it in the picture. You can download Algerian here. Download the deck here.


Slidedeck Two

The next deck is more casual looking. You will need Illuminate font to make it look right for you. Download Illuminate here. You can download the slidedeck here.


Slidedeck Three

The last deck doesn’t have the text boxes, so this is useful if you just want a timer. Download this deck here.


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