Interview with a Gifted Kid: Jade

In this installment of the Interview with a Gifted Kid series, I speak with Jade, a 5th-grade student living in the Intermountain West. We did the interview on Zoom (and her mom was there, too, so you’ll see her pop up). The interview is one of the longer ones I’ve

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Misdiagnosis of Gifted Children Demystified

There are entire books written about misdiagnosis of gifted kids. Why? Because in a number of children, giftedness looks like an alphabet soup of issues and disorders. And the list goes on. And on. Of course, it’s not always misdiagnosis. Giftedness can coexist with many conditions. However, it’s very, very

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Why Gifted Students Need School

Recently, I interviewed a truly delightful sixth-grade student. At one point in the conversation, I ended up interrupting regularly scheduled programming to give her a micro-lecture. (You can read that interview here.) In the course of that, I decided that there was a message in it that more gifted students

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Tips for Using ASL in Your Classroom

ASL has a place in every classroom.  Because I specialize in the education of gifted and talented students, I often cross paths with students who have atypical learning needs. ASL is a great fit for students with learning disabilities, for students with amazing learning abilities, and for those who are

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5 Profound Mistakes Every Teacher Should Avoid in Their Career

Recently I hosted three other teachers at my home for dinner. We’d all taught together, and we have about 100 years of combined teaching experience. While we had different teaching styles, different strengths, and different weaknesses, what we shared was exceptional proficiency as educators. After journaling and thinking about the

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Everything You Need to Know about Board Books

Board books are an important tool for young readers because they are specifically designed for young children who are just forming their understanding of the joy of reading and books. If you’re a new parent or grandparent, you may be entering the wonderful world of board books. As a gifted

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Why School Retention is a Terrible Idea

Here’s a question I would never have thought you’d hear me say: Is school retention a good idea for gifted kids? Recently, I’ve received emails from multiple teachers pleading for help in persuading parents not to redshirt or retain their gifted children. When I read the first one, I literally

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42 Tips for Teachers by Teachers

I recently did a little giveaway where I asked the wonderful people on my email list to share a tip they’d give another teacher. I got 41 fabulous tips from teachers for teachers, and I decided to share them. A few years ago, I crowdsourced an epic teacher resource list,

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Depth & Complexity Frames

Free, editable frames for use with the Depth & Complexity icons are hard to find. This free, editable PowerPoint shares two free frames to use with the Depth & Complexity icons, as well as instructions and copy-and-pastable (is that a word???) icons. What are Depth and Complexity Frames? Depth and

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Depth and Complexity Poetry Annotation Activity

When teachers are working with Depth and Complexity, one of the challenges they face is how to adapt already-existing content to the framework. It can seem harder to take what you have and infuse it with high-level thinking than to just start from scratch. In addition to the articles on

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Best Podcasts about Giftedness

Podcasts are a great way to learn about giftedness, and I’ve got a few to recommend. You’ll find other lists of podcasts about giftedness, but these are the ones I’ve personally vetted and are worth listening to. I’ve also got a collection of podcast episodes on which I was the

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Top Articles about Gifted Children [2022]

According to Google Analytics, these are the top articles about gifted children on the GiftedGuru website. If you are trying to learn about gifted children or gifted education, these are all worth reading. Articles about Giftedness 6 Reasons Not to Give IQ Tests to Gifted Children Top Ten Ways to

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