How to help children love great art

How to help children love great art

Helping children appreciate and enjoy art doesn’t need to be daunting. Gifted children are often tuned in to the aesthetic nature of things and can easily become aficionados with very little encouragement. Both the Waldorf and Montessori methods are based in part on the idea that even very young children can love and appreciate beauty, […]

Creating Printables in PowerPoint

printables in powerpoint

How you ever wondered how teachers create those cute printables? It’s easier than you could possibly imagine. And free. Which is always good. This tutorial will teach you how to create printables in PowerPoint. You can use them in your home, classroom, blog, or even sell your awesome product! This video will lead you step-by-step […]

PowerPoint Tutorial: Working with Images the Easy Way


PowerPoint Tutorials can make everything easier. If you have ever struggled with working with images in PowerPoint, this tutorial is perfect for you! Have you ever tried to pull an image into PowerPoint and had it be so huge that you couldn’t even find a corner to grab to shrink it? I have! I’ve figured […]

Bringing Napping Back: A Kindergarten Perspective


To sleep, perchance to dream learn. – Shakespeare (kind of) When I went to kindergarten (shout out and apologies to my teacher, Mrs. Beasley), I needed crayons and a nap mat. Today’s kindergarteners need graphing calculators and pens. No nap map required. Or welcome. Fifteen years ago, the New York Times published an article about […]

Quick and easy brain breaks with dice!


Brain breaks are wonderful, and they’re best when they’re quick and easy. Using nothing more than a handful of dice and a free printable, I’ve got 30 quick and easy brain breaks you can do with absolutely no prep. Why Use Brain Breaks? If you read what I wrote about the reticular activating system, you […]

Making Practice Fun – The Cube Way


Practice can be fun using a simple practice cube. The theory behind it is simple: practice can become routine and mundane, and adding a little creativity to it can make all the difference in the world. Surprisingly, this simple cube can make even the most routine practice fun and kinesthetic. You can get your students’ […]

5 Things I Loved about Child Genius


It’s true: I loved the show Child Genius. I’ve got five things I specifically loved about it. Many others did as well, apparently, because it’s currently casting a second season. Others disagreed. This became apparent when  I got tweets like this Ouch. And this So, Jon, I take it you’re not a fan? Some people have […]

3 Ways to Get Boys to Read Books about Girls


Don’t let that girl on the cover throw you: I’ve got three ways to get boys to read books about girls. First, do boys resist books with female protagonists? It’s a commonly held belief, and if you look at created by Jon Scieszka (I can actually pronounce that), you’ll see a distinctly stereotypically boy flavor […]