PowerPoint Timer Slides


PowerPoint Timer Slides are decks that automatically count down, advancing without clicking.  They’re great for teachers who want students to be able to track progress and manage their time.  This kind of structure can be helpful to all students, but especially for those students who have emerging executive function skills and struggle to keep their [...]

How To Get a Good Night’s Sleep and Why You Should


Sleep is a constant struggle for many adults and kids, and it’s a key issue with the gifted, whose minds tend to spin out of control exactly when they need sleep the most.  I wrote this article for the Mensa Bulletin that explores how (and why) to get a good night’s sleep, and I share [...]

Free Math Resources


The best math resources are those that are also free!  If you’ve got a mathemaniac, have I got some great free resources for you. Many mathematicians agree that probability and statistics are under-taught in schools, especially in light of their use in everyday life. The Web site for the Actuarial Foundation has made available a [...]

Why I think Joel Stein Should Join Mensa


I think Joel Stein should join Mensa, and here’s why. First, let’s just take a moment to admire and respect the wonder that is Anderson Cooper. He is smart. He is very good-looking. He has class. He has style. He has better shoes than anyone I know.  He is most women’s journalist crush. Yes, in [...]

3 Reasons I Loathe Accelerated Reader


Confession: I loathe Accelerated Reader.  Perhaps the title of this post was a spoiler.  My friend Jen Marten wrote this terrific article about what’s wrong with Accelerated Reader.  I would like to add a few points to her wonderful list. Much has been written about the problems with Accelerated Reader, and surely I am not [...]

Shape-Up Differentiation for Tasks or Chores


This free printable can help you infuse a little choice into school or home tasks.  Simply download the free PowerPoint printable, and edit it to meet your needs. First, I did not invent this strategy. I read it somewhere. I wish I could remember where so I could credit it.  I did create this editable [...]

Build the Kind of Self-Esteem That Will Get Your Child Through Anything


Effective self-esteem often is the difference between healthy relationships and unhealthy ones, success and a lack of it, and even happiness versus misery.  How do we build this kind of self-esteem in kids? Expertbeacon just published an article I wrote on exactly this.   It shares five things parents and teachers can do (and five [...]

Wheel of Choice Free Download


This simple yet cool one-slide PowerPoint lets you “spin” a wheel, and it even includes a satisfying “spinny” sound. Uses, you ask? choose teams choose assignments select number of seconds or minutes or times something will be done anything requiring an element of randomness take the place of dice in a game To use it, [...]

3 Things to Avoid When You’re Teaching


Or, Why Richard Cash is a Good Speaker, and Why Brian Housand is So Much Better Disclaimer: Brian Housand doesn’t know I’m doing this (and neither does Richard Cash). Teachers should avoid three behaviors that can diminish their efficacy as educators, and I’m going to illustrate them with a case study from my own life. [...]

The Bill of Rights for Parents of Gifted Children


When your child is the star of the football team, no one blinks an eye when you wear a jersey with his number on it or a photo button with his picture.  This is so far from the case when your child is gifted that the only similarity between the two is the word “child.” [...]