Life as an Art Teacher: Positive Deviancy in Action

Life as an Art Teacher -fi

I’m a big believer in positive deviancy.  This is the idea that you can be different from others in a positive way, as described by Atul Gawande in his book  Better. Recently, I was facilitating some training and the teachers had “homework” to incorporate the ideas of positive deviancy in their teaching practice. If you’re […]

Do You Know These Tech Tools?

tech tools

Tech tools make learning {and lesson preparation} more fun, and often more interesting. Do you know these favorite tech tools of mine? 1. Classtools for QR Code Scavenger Hunts QR codes can be spectacularly fun in class, and Classtools has a particularly cool trick for teachers.  Just type in a series of questions, and it will […]

8 Essential Tips & Resources for Educators of Gifted Kids


Educators need specific resources and strategies for teaching gifted kids, and I could (and do) spend days and days on helping them find those resources an develop those strategies. (See my Speaking page for more on that). This post came about when I received an email from a reader who wrote in part: Dear Lisa, I […]

Great Free Summer Activities for Kids

summer seven

What parent isn’t looking for free, terrific summer activities for kids?  And who better than the Mensa Foundation to come up with brain-tastic ideas? (In the interest of full disclosure, I work for the Mensa Foundation and created this.  That’s okay, right?) If you’re looking for totally awesome things to do with kids this summer, […]

Creating Creative Children


We’ve long believed you’re either creative or you’re not, but that’s simply not true.  Encouraging children’s creativity (which often means preventing the world from driving it out of them) is as crucial as their cognitive development. I wrote an article for the Mensa Bulletin on this, and you are welcome to read it here. I […]

Tiering and Compacting: You CAN do it!

tiering and compacting

Tiering and compacting as differentiation strategies are underused because they’re intimidating. They needn’t be! This is an introduction to them that I think may help teachers understand them and (most importantly) be willing to try them!  The two mistakes teachers make that prevents them from effective tiering and compacting are: 1. Thinking they have to […]

PowerPoint Timer Slides


PowerPoint Timer Slides are decks that automatically count down, advancing without clicking.  They’re great for teachers who want students to be able to track progress and manage their time.  This kind of structure can be helpful to all students, but especially for those students who have emerging executive function skills and struggle to keep their […]