Bringing Napping Back: A Kindergarten Perspective

To sleep, perchance to dream learn. – Shakespeare (kind of) When I went to kindergarten (shout out and apologies to my teacher, Mrs. Beasley), I needed crayons and a nap mat. Today’s kindergarteners need graphing calculators and pens. No nap map required. Or welcome. Fifteen years ago, the New York

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Be Your Gifted Child’s Coach

I was reading this wonderful article by Atul Gawande about coaching, and it resonated with me because I believe firmly in coaching. If you’re really good, you get a coach. Think about it: what professional athlete do you know of who doesn’t have a coach? In Gawande’s article, he talks

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Words, Marvelous Words

Before I get off of books and words completely, I have two sites to share today. They are opposites, in fact, and the perfect place to send gifted word-o-philes to play. The first, Save the Words, allows you “adopt” old, obsolete yet fabulous words in order to prevent the pedestrianization

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