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I love sharing time with teachers, and I hope you’ll find the information useful and practical. Like Mary Poppins.

We talked about tiering and compacting. Here are some resources for you:

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I wrote a book on perfectionism that won a big ol’ award. I like it because everyone who reads it tells me that they got tips they could really use from it. It’s a good one, promise. I keep the Kindle version super cheap, so everyone can grab it who wants it!

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Living Gifted: 52 Tips to Survive and Thrive in Giftedland is a super little book that is a book and workbook in one. It’s chock-full of great activities you can do (or do with students).

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You may already have the book Ian and I wrote about Depth & Compexity. It’s a game-changer (and we aren’t even the ones who called it that! Grab a copy!

cover of Gifted Guild's Guide to Depth and Complexity

If you have that one and would like the Question Stems book, you can grab that one here for just $4 (special discount for people who’ve done training with me.

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Teach academic vocabulary at all? In any content area? Have I got a method for you! This is my latest book, and it may be my favorite (well, after the Depth & Complexity book). You can grab the paperback here or the digital copy at a special price for people who’ve attended workshops here.

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