I’m sharing links to all of the resources I used below. They match each idea. If it’s a paid product, I note that with an “$”.

Idea 2:


Idea 8:

Escape Room Lesson Plan (8th Grade US History)

Declaration of Independence Scavenger Hunt ($)

Rebus example

Idea 11:

Depth & Complexity Rules Cards

Idea 12:

Water cycle experiment 

Vocab teaching ideas 


Sutori timeline tool  (learn how by reading or watching)

Idea 13:

Snagit($) – Ed pricing is less than $30…sooooooooooooo worth it. Use the free trial and test it out.

Idea 14:

Kinder reading comprehension passages

Kinder assessment form ($)

Idea 15:


Idea 17:

Aesop’s Fables Animal Farm allegory lesson

Thinking Maps with Depth & Complexity

Idea 18:

Story problems freebie

Idea 19:


Idea 20:

Depth & Complexity Frames (editable)

Idea 21:


Idea 22:

Snagit (again)

Idea 23:


Learn more

Idea 24:

Slope intercept zombies ($)

Combining Like Terms mathlib activity ($)

Idea 27:

Ian’s reflecting questions

Idea 28:

Foldables – editable template of over 1,000 foldables ($)

Idea 30: