Hi Friends!

I love sharing time with my Colorado friends, and I hope you’ll find the information useful and practical. Like Mary Poppins.

This page gathers what you need to implement what you’ve learned and go even further, if you’re interested.

This article has the assignment plan download:

This article has the digital organizer for kids:

This has the homework help checklist. There’s even a video tutorial for this one.

Want more? Check out the Books!

I wrote a book on perfectionism that won a big ol’ award. I like it because everyone who reads it tells me that they got tips they could really use from it. It’s a good one, promise. I keep the Kindle version super cheap, so everyone can grab it who wants it!

cover of Perfectionism

Living Gifted: 52 Tips to Survive and Thrive in Giftedland is a super little book that is a book and workbook in one. It’s chock-full of great activities you can do (or do with students).

cover of Living Gifts

You may already have the book Ian and I wrote about Depth & Compexity. It’s a game-changer (and we aren’t even the ones who called it that! Grab a copy!

cover of Gifted Guild's Guide to Depth and Complexity

There’s also a cool ebook that has all of the questions from the book (and bonus ones) in a super easy-to-use format. You can grab that here for only $5.

Teach academic vocabulary at all? In any content area? Have I got a method for you! This is my latest book, and it may be my favorite (well, after the Depth & Complexity book). You can grab the paperback here or the digital copy at a special price for people who’ve attended workshops here.

Questions? Ideas? Just wanna connect?

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Let’s keep in touch!

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I hope to meet you again, even if it’s just virtually.

Best wishes!

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