101 Goals Update | May 2019

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I have been consistently checking in with my 101 goals list, and I’m ready to share an update with you.

As you know, I created a list of 101 goals I wanted to accomplish in 1001 days. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, check out this post.

I began the project on January 21, 2019, so I’m a few months in now.

My desires for the project overall were to:

  • Become a stronger, more diverse reader
  • Become a more confident German speaker
  • Become someone who could save a life
  • Become someone who has a strong understanding of physical geography of states and nation-states
  • Become someone who has a broader knowledge of scriptures in my mind

Want to see my whole updated list, including all the books? Click here!

Where I stand

I’m on track with the reading, but I’ve only fully completed 9 of the 101 goals, so that’s not really the right pace.

One of the issues I’ve found is that I made a lot of goals that aren’t just one-and-done. Most of them are process goals.

I feel like I’m accomplishing way more than I would have without the goals, and I don’t feel stressed by them. On the contrary, they’re really motivating me. I was curious about that, so I’m glad that’s how it’s shaking out.

What I’ve learned

So, I expected that with the ambitious reading goal I’d get a lot less discriminating about my reading choices, but the reverse has been true. I’m getting pickier. I’ve read a couple of fiction romances that I just thought, “This isn’t worth my time.”

I recently loaded a couple of new books on my phone, and I couldn’t find any fiction I trusted to be amazing, and grabbed a couple of non-fiction titles instead. (Note: I use my public library’s Overdrive app for audio books, and I can’t believe people pay Audible’s prices!)

I’ve found a couple of new favorites (Where has Lonesome Dove been all of my life?) and a couple of real duds, but overall, I feel that I really am a stronger reader for this project.

On the page with the updated goals, I’ve starred (*) the books I recommend. Some books were fine, but I didn’t star them because they were either good but not great, or they were disturbing/possibly offensive in some way that makes me hesistant to recommend them.

I’ve learned that I like goals.

I have created a new morning routine that encompasses some of my goals (it includes walking the dog, pushups, and Duolingo practice). It’s working well for me when I’m not on the road.

What I’m thinking about moving forward

I’ve got to sit down and really plan (read: calendar) the things I want to get done. My son is getting married, and I’m planning a wedding reception, so my time is a little tight, but I’m determined to plan. I know the secret to making sure things happen is to actually plan it out. Hope, as they say, is not a strategy.

What I’d change if I did it over

I’d be less ambitious.

I’ve got too many goals that are HUGE. I mean 100s of hours. I know that I simply don’t have the time to make it all happen.

That’s not a copout. I mean that there are literally not that many hours.

I should have made more one-and-done tasks because I would get a little bit more dopamine than I’m getting now because I’m accomplishing things too infrequently.

I also didn’t list some big goals that I’m working on, so I feel like I’m not getting “credit” for them.

I’m also wondering why I didn’t list cooler goals like, “Watch entire “Bodyguard” series on Netflix” or “eat entire bar of sea salt dark chocolate in one sitting.” So shortsighted.

If anyone checks out the updated list, I’d absolutely love feedback.

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