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When I recently asked people who are on the Facebook page to weigh in on the new cover for my Perfectionism book, I realized how wonderful a group this gifted realm is, and it made me less fearful of sharing more personal things.

To that end, I’m sharing the goals I’ve decided to work on as part of my 101 in 1001 project. I’m going to update my progress on a special page I created that you can visit here.

If you’re unfamiliar with 101 in 1001, you can learn more about it at the Day Zero Project.

The basic idea is that you have 101 goals you try to accomplish in 1001 days.

Most people divide them into categories, and that’s what I’ll be doing, too. I’ll be coming back to this post regularly and updating it with progress. If any of you have done this or if you have other goal-setting strategies, I’m really interested, so please comment below.

You may notice that I actually have 120 goals listed. I’m open to the idea that some won’t work out, and I’d like to have the cushion in there to still accomplish 101 goals even if some end up being goals that don’t really serve me well.

Start date: January 21, 2019

End date: October 8, 2021

Personal Development

  1. Read 200 books
  2. Get to 100% fluency in German on duolingo
  3. Read 25 books I already own
  4. Read 15 business books
  5. Read 10 books from Joseph’s library
  6. Read 10 books I should have read by now but haven’t
  7. Re-read all of Harry Potter (3 -7)
  8. Ask 20 friends to recommend books and read them all
  9. Read an entire book in one day
  10. Complete reading Goodreads’ 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime
  11. Complete the PowerPoint class in Udemy
  12. Listen to 10 audio books
  13. Finish memorizing James 1
  14. Memorize 50 more verses of scripture
  15. Get CPR certified
  16. Learn to draw map of US
  17. Learn to draw map of the world
  18. Memorize the Relief Society Declaration

Family History

  1. Complete Write Stuff genealogy writing class
  2. Complete Write Stuff II genealogy writing class
  3. Complete the DAR genealogy class
  4. Speak at a genealogy conference
  5. Watch 30 genealogy webinars
  6. Record 5 tutorial videos for genealogy
  7. Complete Gates Family descendency project
  8. Publish Gates Family descendency project
  9. Solve DNA mystery
  10. Complete Abigail’s Children of the American Revolution application
  11. Write a children’s book on a story from our family history
  12. Help ten people with their family history
  13. Volunteer at the Family History Center ten times
  14. Index 1,000 names from records
  15. Find additional child of Amasa Lane
  16. Find parents of Adaline Lane
  17. Find parents of Angus Russell
  18. Find parents of George Morey
  19. Find connection of Joseph Russell to Angus Russell
  20. Scan all information from family Bible


  1. Move email list to Convertkit
  2. Change website to landing page format
  3. Post every week for a year (52 posts)
  4. Get eight posts ahead in blog posts
  5. Publish Living Gifted: 52 Tips for Surviving and Thriving in Giftedland
  6. Write Underachievement book
  7. Create and record 20 professional development training hours
  8. Complete the Pinterest course
  9. Review all books sent from publishers for review
  10. Optimize/revitalize all old posts
  11. Create 30 Depth & Complexity activities
  12. Create EngagedCE courses
  13. Write Depth & Complexity book
  14. Attend an NSA video lab
  15. Create page for speaker information
  16. Read all information in best-seller bundle
  17. Read all ebooks on business ideas I’ve saved
  18. Create an ebook from my most popular blog posts
  19. Create a video with Doodly
  20. Answer 15 reader Q&As


  1. Send family email every week for three months
  2. Send flowers to each of my great-aunts for no reason (Ali, Betty, Cate)
  3. Record the Book of Mormon for my family
  4. Set up a 529 for Abigail
  5. Update the family cookbook
  6. Visit great-aunts in New York
  7. Set up sufficient water storage
  8. Update 72-hour kits
  9. Put sufficient cash in 72-hour kits
  10. Put emergency kits in cars

Home & Organization

  1. Paint master bedroom
  2. Kon Mari the garage
  3. Get coat repaired
  4. Organize Google Drive folders and documents
  5. Completely organize all digital files
  6. Scan all of Grandma’s photos
  7. Organize and clean the attic
  8. Donate unwanted cookbooks

Health & Fitness

  1. Go sugar free for an entire month
  2. Track on WW app for 30 days straight
  3. Get 10,000 steps a day for 30 days straight
  4. Complete a dance class 3x week for a month
  5. Get to pre-Gregory weight
  6. Complete a couch-to-5k running plan
  7. Complete a Walk to Mordor challenge
  8. Do 50 pushups in a row


  1. Go one year without buying clothes
  2. Go one year without buying makeup
  3. Go one year without buying books (just read from library, books given as gifts, and books from home library)
  4. Save $15,000 towards Steve’s new car
  5. Give $100 to a young mom who is a stranger
  6. Go one week without spending any money
  7. Save $10 for every task I complete on this list
  8. Raise 401k to maximum
  9. Donate money to humanitarian fund
  10. Keep perfect track of business expenses for one year
  11. Complete a no spend month successfully


  1. Visit five temples
  2. Visit all temples in Texas
  3. Attend Roots Tech
  4. Visit Alaska
  5. Take all daughters-in-law on a special trip
  6. Visit a new state
  7. Visit the family in Australia
  8. Go carless for a week


  1. Walk Brody every day for one month straight
  2. Teach Brody a new trick


  1. Host a Harry Potter movie marathon
  2. Host a Lord of the Rings movie marathon
  3. Leave a 100% tip for great service
  4. Throw a surprise party
  5. Send 100 birthday cards
  6. Host a book exchange
  7. See 10 classic movies I’ve never seen
  8. Have people over for dinner ten times
  9. Buy a fiddle-leaf fig
  10. Host a game night


  1. Identify five people who have helped me and write them thank you notes
  2. Send letters to all great-aunts thanking them for their role in my life
  3. Write Steve a letter of thanks for his being a wonderful father to our children
  4. Give out 10 gift cards to people who help me while I’m traveling
  5. Do 10 random acts of kindness in a single day like this mom

Why 101 in 1001

I like ambitious goals. I like goals in general. I’m interested in the long-term nature of this project. I’m also hoping to inspire ideas in others to recognize that goals don’t have to be huge to be worth tracking.

I hope you’ll share your goals or any thoughts you have.

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